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3,780 Minutes 

This work examines the unpaid labour performed by women in the home. It conceptualises all labour as part of one holistic economic unit, ignoring all predispositions of gendered labour within the capitalist system. If this work was quantifiable, the worker would receive €582.75 for tiling this kitchen floor.

Ban an tí exhibition 2017-

An exhibition of works interrogating the link between femininity and domesticity

Rotovated Text - Mohill Co.Leitrim

Rotovated text is a site specific work involving written text and privately owned agricultural land in Mohill Co Leitrim. The text is imprinted into the ground using a rotovator machine traditionally used by farm owners to toss the soil and harvest crops. The text is a phrase inspired by a live cattle mart in Baltinglass, Co Wicklow in October 2015.

The purpose of the text and its relationship to the agricultural market intends to mimic the destructive intrusion animal agriculture has on the Brazilian Amazon and the disregard shown by international corporations for land ownership worldwide.


Periodic Exchange 

The global expansion of soy imitates the inequality within the market, as it's purpose is to accumulate profit, and this is prioritised over the destruct of valuable ecosystems. 

As in any other function of the market, products become more valuable when supply is limited. Resources become scarce and land becomes barren, thus increasing demand.

This work examines how the outsourcing of soy, through a system of importation, mirrors the capitalist economy's outsourcing of products.

In this  circumstance the growth of soy relates to the narrative of production. To evaluate this system of production and exchange, a series of actions were taken:

A packet of soybean seedlings were imported and grown each week from March 7th 2016 to May 9th 2016.

Timber troughs were transformed from consumer packaging, used for the purpose of importation of goods, to capsules for the growth of the product.

The arrangement of trough was determined by the statistics of a bar chart, illustrating the increase in soy imports to the EU over the duration of Six years.


Pallet Chairs 

Each of these chairs are made from standard wooden pallets. These pallets function within the system of global trade used to import and export goods globally. As chairs, they present an opportunity for discourse based upon the question of ownership .


These chairs belong to no specific person.

The pallets from which they were constructed did not belong to any specific company.

The forest from which the timber was provided is unknown.